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  1. What is Smart Reader Kids™ concept?

  2. How is it different from others?

  3. If my child is currently attending another kindergarten, should I send my child for the Smart Reader™ classes and will it conflict with the reading approach used by the current kindergarten?

  4. When should I change my child from the other kindergarten to this center?

  5. When should I start my child on the Smart Reader Kids™ program?

  6. Smart Reader Kids™ is expensive?

  7. What benefits do I get for my child at Smart Reader Kids™?

  8. Generally, how are children that attend Smart Reader Kids™ different from other kids?






  1. Smart Reader Kids™ is based on a creative methodology. Children are treated as individuals who can be nurtured into creative thinking, intelligent and expressive future leaders. We believe in children need not be born as genius but given the right opportunity, the correct teaching methodology and constant encouragement, we can bring out the best in every child. We believe in giving all our children the well deserve "PIE" - Praise, Interest and Encouragement.

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  1. At the Smart Reader Kids™, the teachers are trained in the best way to bring out the best in every child. We cannot compare ourselves with any other approach because we are trained to deliver our BEST. We are trained to leave behind new path for others to follow and not trot on existing ones. We belong to the 21st century. If you believe in giving your child a head start in the new millennium, leave your child under our care, that will be a wise decision to begin the new year.

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  1. Our tested and proven effective Smart Reader™ program has benefited more than 100,000 children in Malaysia. It will only enhance your child's reading ability, moving him/her to a higher level. Why send your child to one kindergarten in the morning and then to Smart Reader Kids™ for enrichment/ enhancement program? If Smart Reader Kids™ can offer you the best, you need not think further. Why consider separate enrichment program, when we at Smart Reader Kids™ can offer you the best kindergarten program inclusive of Smart Reader™ program. Register your child with the Smart Reader Kids™ program, enjoy the many benefits for your child and saving too!

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  1. Immediately! The earlier the child receives the best exposure, the sooner the child delivers the best performance. Time lost can never be compensated!

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  1. As soon as the child turns 3 years old as our Smart Reader Kids™ program is specially tailored to children between 3 to 6 years old.

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  1. Smart Reader Kids™ is never expensive considering the many aspects of exposures/ experiences that your child receives. Besides your child learns about 11 subjects that are more than other ordinary kindergartens normally offer, you will also enjoy a handsome saving in monthly fees as illustrated below:

Monthly Fees 

Ordinary Kindergarten

Smart Reader Kids™

Basic Fees

RM 150

RM 270 

Learning materials and worksheets


RM 100 termly


- inclusive -

Computer Fees


RM 50


- inclusive -

Music Fees


RM 50


- inclusive -

Smart Reader™ Fees


RM 80


- inclusive -



RM 30


- inclusive -


RM 460

RM 270

Saving To You

- Nil -

RM 190


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  1. The tangible and intangible benefits that your child receives at Smart Reader Kids™ are many such as:

  • Small group size - individual attention (1 teacher to 12 students, 1:12 ratio)

  • Clean, hygiene and comfortable environment

  • Fully air-conditioned

  • Secure and safe surrounding

  • Wide exposure of different subject/areas:

    • science,  computer,  hygiene,  creative work,  mathematics,  Smart Reader™ English,  Bahasa Melayu,  Mandarin,  moral / Islamic Studies,  music,  kinder-cooking,   physical development,  social skill, communication skill, creative movement.

    • Dedicated and well trained teachers to deliver the best to the children.

    • Good presentation skills of our teachers make learning fun.

    • The children are taught to be creative and productive, they understand, excel and deliver.

    • The children simply enjoy coming to Smart Reader Kids™.

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  1. The children at Smart Reader Kids™ are found to be:




always curious to learn more

well behaved

high self esteem

very receptive for new things

caring towards others

full of ideas




quick thinking


good at reasoning

well mannered





good values

healthy and clean



bright/fast learner

willing to corrected

sharp at answering

high retention skill

good reader


lively disposition


well exposed

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