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Osaka Private Kindergarten Association Delegates Visited Smart Reader Kids® (Sg. Chua, Kajang)

A delegation of seven members from Osaka Private Kindergarten Association, Japan has visited Smart Reader Kids® (Sg. Chua, Kajang) on Friday, November 26 2004 to have better understanding on the Malaysia's preschool education system. The visit was organized by the Malaysian-Japan Cultural & Educational Exchange Programme (MJCEEP), Kuala Lumpur.

This is the second visit to Smart Reader Kids® (Sg. Chua, Kajang) by delegates from Japan. The first visit was on 20 August 2003, where delegates were from Bunkyo University, Japan and Yamanashi Women's Junior College, Japan.

This year’s delegation members comprise of directors, headmasters, and assistant headmasters of various kindergartens in Osaka as follows:


Dr. Masuo Fujikawa, President of Akitsu Educational Institute For Preschool Children and also Headmaster of Azul Kindergarten.


Mr. Kunihiko Fushii, Headmaster of Tsurugaoka Kindergarten


Mr. Hideaki Nakanoin


Ms. Hideko Matsumura


Ms. Michiko Kawai


Ms. Yuriko Adachi


Ms. Mitsuyo Kiyose, Headmistress of Hakuaisyagakuen Kindergarten

Pn. Zeha, the Principal of Smart Reader Kids® (Sg. Chua, Kajang) briefed the delegates on the centre’s setup, Smart Reader Kids program, teaching methodology and its various advantages and benefits gained by the children who attend Smart Reader Kids® (Sg. Chua, Kajang).

The delegates were taken for a tour to centre’s premises to observe the setup, children activities and how the classes are run. The delegates enjoyed the local and modern dances performed by the children. The delegates also interacted and play games with the students and reward the students with some goodies from Japan.

The delegates enjoyed their 21/2 hours visit and in the closing remarks, Pn. Zeha hoped that the visit will pave “pen-pals” links between the Smart Reader Kids® (Sg. Chua, Kajang) students and the Osaka kindergarten students via mail or e-mail.  The Osaka kindergarten students can also visit Smart Reader Kids™ (Sg. Chua, Kajang) website to browse for the latest news, activities and updates. The visit ended with exchange of mementos by Pn. Zeha and Mr. Kunihiko Fushii, the headmaster of Tsurugaoka Kindergarten, Osaka while each delegate also received a souvenir from Pn. Zeha.


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